Despite the fact that this isn't the mainfactor to help you identify a trustworthy website hosting provider from a bad one and a reseller from a real supplier, the option to call and speak with a live person is an indicator that you aren't dealing with a one-person service provider and that you will be able to reach someone when you need assistance. The phone support for web hosting services may vary from basic to experienced, which means that the issues that can be resolved with a call vary based on the company. In the general case, these issues are simpler and include billing or 1st level tech issues since more difficult tasks usually need a support ticket where both you and the administrators can track what is going on with a given situation. However, having the option to call your provider can save you lots of time and efforts for the numerous tiny problems that will eventually show up when you manage your website hosting account.

Phone Support in Website Hosting

Because we have live telephone support 14 hours per day, you have the option to get in touch with us and consult with one of our customer support representatives to get more information about any of the Linux website hosting that we provide and make sure that our servers match the system requirements for your websites before purchasing anything. For your benefit, we have phone numbers on three different continents so that you'll be able to call the one nearer to you - in the U.S.A., the UK or Australia. If you're already an existing customer, you will be able to call us about general and billing issues, and about some tech matters. In case the issue is strictly technical or it can take longer time to investigate, you will have to use our ticketing system, which will allow both you and our tech support team to keep track of the details given by either side.

Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Any time you need additional information for the semi-dedicated services that we provide, you have the option to call any of the three support lines that we have around the world - in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. By doing this, you're able to check in advance whether our solutions will be appropriate for your sites. If you're already our customer and you own a semi-dedicated account, you will be able to get in touch with us on the phone for fourteen hours daily about any kind of billing or common queries. For entirely technical issues you are able to employ our ticketing system so as to get in touch with our tech support because sometroubles simply need additional time to be dealt with, still we can assist you over the phone with countless minor technical problems as well, saving you time and efforts.